Je suis danseuse aérienne, chorégraphe et enseignante indépendante. Mes spécialités aériennes sont les tissus aériennes, le cerceau aérien et le harnais ou la danse verticale. J’ai une maîtrise en chorégraphie (nouvelles pratiques performatives) de DOCH en Suède et je travaille comme chorégraphe de cirque pour mon propre spectacle ainsi que pour d’autres spectacles de cirque depuis 2013. Je suis basé entre la France et le Royaume-Uni et je continue à faire des tournées internationales, dans un large éventail de contextes, des théâtres et des cabarets aux spectacles d’aréna.


Aerial Silks / Tisu Aerien

I have been working on aerial silks for nearly ten years, and chose them as my specialism during my Masters of Choreography as DOCH, Sweden which is a renowned university for both dance and circus arts.

Aerial Hoop / Cerceau

Aerial Hoop was my secondary discipline at Circus School and I still perform and teach regularly. My style is fluid and dance based, and I also perform with a winch or counterweighter to create breathtaking moments of flight.

Harness and Vertical Dance/ Harnais et Danse Verticale

Aerial harness dance is an art form in its own right, and covers both aerial dance at height, and using other equipment and surfaces as fixed points to work with. In vertical dance, the movements are performed horizontally where the wall becomes the ‘floor’.

Aerial Duets / Duos Aériens

I have been working as part of an aerial duo since 2006, including doubles trapeze, doubles aerial hoop, synchronised silks and loop, and partner harness dance.

Quoi de neuf?


An evolving selection of current creative projects, select an image to find out more….coming soon….

Noona part 1and 2

Abby and Imogen have been performing together, sharing research and collaborating since 2013. In September 2015 they presented an extract of aerial dance research at the Volt scratch night in Bristol.


A new project mixing circus, aerial dance, theatre and tree climbing involving local artists in Ariége.

noona part 3

Development of a new aerial silks solo piece, in collaboration with Ludivine Moreno, writer and storyteller

Let’s build something together.