Abby and Imogen have been performing together, sharing research and collaborating for over 6 years. Originally they worked together by sharing their artistic practices on the aerial silks, developing both a somatic practice and personal approach to aerial dance. This developed into several performances together between 2014-2016, and an aerial silks research project in Stockholm, Sweden as part of Abby’s MA Choreography at DOCH between 2015-2017.

More recently, they have decided to re-start their collaboration process, working towards a new performance together. This work will have more focus on creating aerial theatre as a culmination of two artists’ practices and their varied interests, whilst further deepening their established training and performing relationship.



Extract from aerial silks performance with Abby Evans, Imogen Macrae and Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells. Hamish Tjoeng also collaborated and performed in the project but is not seen in this extract.